Atelier Hinrich Kröger
OPENING HOURS: Frida & Saturdays from 2.30 to 5 pm & by appointment!

May 31st to June 2nd. Part of The Art & Culture Festival 2024 – Art Speaks Through Us will present art, panels, performances, film screenings, and more over three days.
n an exciting move, the foundation will host its annual Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival at the legendary Halle am Berghain in Berlin
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Lots of new porcelain, lots of bunnies, a few new guys nicely made up ... In addition, by appointment, you can view the wonderful drawings of my father, Joachim John, in the special rooms !!!! Diana & Aecteon, drawings after Nicollo Machiavelli's Mandragula, gouaches and pastels.

The time has come ,overjoyed ,the new showrooms are ready !

After 25 years in the middle of BERLIN-Mitte, I have now landed in the middle of beautiful BERLIN-Schöneberg.
For the time being it is only open if I am in the mood ....or by appointment via email :
or via whatsup +49 (0) 162 1038018 !

The Berlin-born ceramic artist’s showroom in the heart of Berlin-Schöneberg has to be seen to be believed......
It's greyhounds and gigolos who are wearing old-fashioned haute couture at Hinrich Krögers studio, painted onto faiences, engobes, clays and porcelains. On a decorative wall plate, a French bulldog, painted gold and turquoise, seems to go cross-eyed while trying to throw lascivious looks at a tea service draped with golden pugs. In the shop window, large poodles with raspberry-red noses are sniffing each other on a floor vase, right next to Luigi – the sculpture of a well-endowed man, posing like a stripper with a tattooed erection, around which the whole figure pivots on something that looks very much like a cream cake. Here at Eisenacher Strasse 114 in 10777 BERLIN, Hinrich Kröger has been producing and exhibiting his art sice 2021, in Berlin since 1984, paintings on ceramics, sculptures made from clay, drawings and more.
Tchaikovsky´s Swan Lake, balloon-sized boxes with sunken worlds depicted on them, white lions, snow hares draped with luxurious scarfs and smoking cigars, tattooed boys and expensive girls, sailors, a tree of paradise into which airplanes are crashing – a veritable new cosmos was created by Hinrich Kröger. His works reflect his mastery with these materials, each is a unique piece made in this studio, kneaded, turned, modeled, glazed, painted, gilded, some of them fired seven or eight times, to get it just so. The beautiful eccentricity of some of his works have given him international fame, and it is reflected in the clients that can be as appealing as the ladies on his Moulin-Rouge Cocoa service. A cocain-box with golden skulls meets Japanese Diva, and a beautiful and world-famous pianist snatches up a large floor vase with panthers and tigers...

Un univers fantaisiste, créé par Hinrich Kröger, qui reflète sa maîtrise de la céramique, de la porcelaine, de la sculpture et de la peinture.
Son concept: combiner les volumes et la peinture. Les œuvres de Hinrich Kröger sont présentes dans de nombreux collections privées et publiques en Europe- et notamment au Parlement Allemand (Reichstag) ou aux Etats-Unis.

Hinrich Kröger opened his own showroom on in BERLIN -Mitte back in 1996, long before the area became known as the city’s gallery district. No two pieces are alike in his collection; each one is handcrafted and painstakingly painted.......In 2021, after 26 years, Hinrich Kröger moved his gallery and workshop to larger, brighter premises in the heart of Berlin-Schöneberg.

Opening Exhibition :
1996 Hinrich Kröger , "THE MAKE UP ROOM“ Wooster Hall,NYC-Berlin

Exhibition list

1996 till 2001
Collaboration with different artists in own workshop and gallery and exhibitions
(I invited interesting artists and if they were interested in ceramics, I made them vases and other vessels according to their ideas, which they then painted. Afterwards they were exhibited in my own gallery together with their paintings and drawings)

1996 Opening exhibition New York-Berlin "The Make Up Room“ Wooster Hall, painting and ceramics
1996-97 Joachim John , drawings,graphics,books and ceramics
1997 Otto Niemeyer-Holstein ,Painting and printmaking
1997 Galerie Hinrich Kröger Filmnächte / movie nights , Documentary and underground films made in EAST-Berlin & GDR
1997/98 Group exhibition ,Painting,Ceramics,Sculpture
1998 Otto Niemeyer-Holstein & Joachim John ,Ceramics Hinrich Kröger
1999 Joachim John ,Works on Mandragula by Niccolò Machiavelli
1999 Linde Bischof paintings,drawings,ceramic
1999 "The Make Up Room II " in Schwerin ,solo exhibition and curated by Hela Boudis
1999/2000 Otto Niemeyer-Holstein, garden and landscape paintings, as well as painted ceramics by artists of the gallery.
2000 Special exhibition "Litographs of Anatoli L. Kaplan" and ceramics of various artists.
2001 Joachim John "Max Beckmann in South America", a graphic cycle.
2002 Survival of an conman and new beginning
2002 with my father Joachim John , reading, heavy life of other pictures
2002 Group exhibition with artists of the gallery and guests (among others Christina Renker and Christine Stäps)
2003 Joachim John , landscape etchings Italy-Mecklenburg
2004 Participation in the large art exhibition "Monument to Now", Athens, on the occasion of the Olympic Summer Games ,Museum of Contemporary Art
2004 Otto Niemeyer-Holstein , landscape paintings ,and ceramics by Hinrich Kröger and artists of the gallery
2006 NEW YORK CERAMIC FAIR , National Academy Museum,5th Avenue ,NYC
2007 Celebrating Erotic Ceramics in a private collection ,NYC,Princestreet with Charles W. Leslie & Fritz Lohman (Founder of the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art )
2007 National Academy Museum
2006 Berlin-New York,International Crossroads ,Gallery Gen ,NYC,NY / United States with Peter Lane,Heekyun Jeong,Hinrich Kröger and Zenji Onuki
2007 Brooklyn-Berlin,first little concert in Europe : SCOTT MATTHEW at the Gallery Hinrich Kröger,Berlin "Little Bird",with works by Hinrich Kröger
2008 Exhibit at the FORM LONDON ,Contamporary Art & Design, Kensington Olympia
2008 "SUPERMODELs Königs Pudler Gold" Berlin/Germany
2008 German Historical Museum ,Unter den Linden,Berlin
2010 National Academy Museum ,New York Ceramic Fair
2013 "Ave Papa Maria" , Studio Hinrich Kröger, Berlin/Germany
2013 Art Copenhagen,presented by Gallery Wolfsen,Denmark
2013 Berlin Berlin,Sculptures in porcelain and ceramics ,Berlin
2014 "Дружба" Atelier Hinrich Kröger ,Berlin/Germany
2016 "When the sea sank" Soloexhibition Atelier Hinrich Kröger ,Berlin/Germany
2016 TESTRAKETE 2.0, FreshEggsGallery, Marstall, Schwerin, Germany
2016 Kosmetiksalon Babette, Berlin, Germany
2017 Winter MIX Show, Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2017 "PARADISE.The Billion Dollar Girl" Soloexhibition,Atelier Hinrich Kröger ,Berlin/Germany
2018 „SICK! in god we trust" Soloexhibition,Atelier Hinrich Kröger ,Berlin/Germany
2019 Hinrich Kröger, Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo, Finland
2019 Tapio Wirkkala Rut Bryk Design Award , Finland
2020 VOODOO HOUSE, Hartwich Gallery, Sellin, Germany
2021 after 25 years,the showroom moved from Berlin Mitte to Berlin Schöneberg ,10777 Berlin, Eisenacher Strasse 114

2021 Earthen Delights: GROUP EXHIBITIONS,works by Hinrich Kröger, Steven Montgomery and Brendan Lee Satish Tang, C24 Gallery,NYC,NY / United States

2021 July 19 to October 30, 2021 ZE TUX Gallery ,Austria / Österreich , group exhibition "Ain't no mountain high enough".

4..Dezember 2021 Vienna till 5.Februar 2022
Opening 4. 12. 6-9pm Galerie Peter Gaugy, Goldschlaggasse 106, 1150 Wien ,Austria/Österreich
Opening party: Danielle de Picciotto & Alex Hacke

Eröffnung/Vernissage am 5.März 2022, 17Uhr / 5pm
Malerei & Objekte
Ausstellung vom 5.März bis zum 23.April 2022
Galerie Mutare , 10629 Berlin, Giesebrechtstraße 12

28.April -14.Mai CSR Contemporary Show Room während des GALERY WEEKEND 2022, vertreten durch die Galerie MUTARE:
Johannes Gervé, Hinrich Kröger, Filip Kalkowski , 10117 Berlin ,Friedrichstraße 69 , CSR.ART

18.Mai - 30.Juni 2022 HONG KONG, BEYOND CURIOUS an exclusive collaboration between Hinrich Kröger & Ellermann Event Atelier
at Lane Crawford Pacific Place Home Store,HONG KONG ,opening May 18. 2022, from 5 to 7 pm Shop 126,Level L1, Pacific Place, 88 QUEENSWAY,ADMIRALTY; Hong Kong

10777 BERLIN
ÖFFNUNGSZEITEN : Freitag & Sonnabends von 14.30 bis 17 Uhr & nach Vereinbarung !

31.Mai bis 2.Juni ART & KULTUR Festival 2024 in der Halle am BERGHAIN
Art Speaks Through Us präsentiert drei Tage lang Kunst, Diskussionsrunden, Performances, Filmvorführungen und vieles mehr.

Neues Porzellan ,ganz viele Hasen ,ein paar neue Kerle schön geschminkt....Ausserdem,nach Voranmeldung,
gibt es die Möglichkeit sich in den Sonderräumen, die wunderbaren Zeichnungen meines Vaters ,Joachim John anzusehen !!!! Diana & Äkteon, Zeichnungen nach Nicollo Machiavelli’s Mandragula,Gouachen und Pastelle.

my friend Rainer's new song LP "Cruel Mother" out now :

Es ist soweit ,überglücklich ,die neuen Ausstellungsräume sind fertig !
Nach 25 Jahren mitten in Berlins Mitte ,bin ich nun mitten im schönen Berlin-Schöneberg gelandet.
Vorerst ist immer nur ,wenn ich Bock habe, geöffnet oder per Anmeldung via email :
oder via whatsup : 0162 1038018 !

10777 BERLIN

Öffnungszeiten: Sonnabends 14-16.30 Uhr

( zu erreichen mit den U-Bahnen U2 und U1 ,Ausstieg Nollendorfplatz )
zwischen Winterfeldplatz und KdW !